Thursday, 10 December 2009

Getting to know how blogging works

After the success of yesterday I spent a short while trying to get to grips with blogger and understanding whether it will be useful for me. I found a tutorial here:

and that was pretty useful (and very simple to understand).

Really it comes down to using it and then deciding if other people are interested in what you've got to say.

So ... here goes ....

Yesterday I got to make a really pretty cushion for anyone who is looking for a gift to give a new mother. I made one for a new baby girl to start with and later in the week I'll make one for a baby boy and then add that to my etsy website. I'd really appreciate any feedback on the design.
I think it might be useful for other folk to see how this was made so I'm going to prepare a short tutorial on how I made this cushion from cutting out the fabric, placing the design, completing the machine embroidery and assembling the cushion.
I'm still not sure exactly to find out who else is posting. I know I can create a blog list but I need to have folk to put on the list first. I tried going into google and that sort of worked but I expected that there would be search option here that would allow me to search using the labels that you have to create when you put a blog together. Anybody out there that can tell me how to find this?

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