Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Well, that was easy - setting up my blog I mean.

My next challenge is to find out who the other bloggers are? I mean, where are you and what do you all talk about? I'm looking at the headings and don't really see any hint at where you all are. I'm sure it will all become clearer but you can be sure I'll let you know otherwise!

Meanwhile, it's day 1 and I'll set out my stall. I'm a recent newbie to Etsy ( and I'm sewing. It all came about because I persuaded my husband to buy me this new sewing machine. Wow, I didn't realise just how much they had changed over the past 25 years or so. I spent weeks researching and then pretty much just threw in the towel and went for one that seemed to do what I wanted .... and more. I plumped for a Viking Husqvarna Designer SE. Yes, I know it's now been superceded in the US by the Designer Diamond but I got a great deal, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford such a machine. Not only does it sew beautifully (and it has all these great things that make life so much easier than on my old machine) but it does embroidery as well and it's just so exciting watching a new design take shape.

So enough about that for now. I live in the beautiful Scottish countryside and feel very fortunate to have lived my life very well so far. I spent 6 years in California and there's a possibility of moving again in the near future. No children grace my life but I have a wonderful husband.

Today I'm going to design another cushion for my growing portfolio in the hope that somebody at leasts marks me down as a favourite on Etsy. I've made many for friends who are celebrating different events in their lives and decided that it might be a way to pay for that expensive machine! There are so many beautiful designs already out there that I don't have to design my own, I can just search some embroidery design sites and search for whatever is on my mind. One I made was for a guy who climbed up electricity pylons and, yes, I found a design of a guy climbing a pylon. As I get more experienced, I may purchase the software that will allow me to 'digitise' (yes, I've got all the technical talk sussed out) my own photographs - wouldn't that be really cool.

Well I hoped that I'd posted a picture. I clicked on the icon above that said 'Add Image' and it seemed to upload it but ... where is it? I expected it to appear here. Well I'll post this for today and see what happens. Of course, I'm wondering how I'll find my blog tomorrow!

So, how do we close these posts? I guess we don't, just pick up tomorrow or the next day where we left off today.

Hope to talk to you again and tell you how I got on with that next cushion.

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