Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My sewing assistants

Meet Bracken (he's the colour of the Scottish hills in winter when the fern has died back) and Bert (who was named by my husband who has no imagination and picked a name beginning with B).
I just love these two boys who have been sharing our home now for 6 months. Each cat I've ever had the pleasure of opening my home to has become my favourite and these two are no exception.

They greet me each morning with nuzzles and purrs and follow me around the house wherever I go (yes, even into the smallest room if I don't lock the door). But why is it that they just can't wait to get into my sewing room? I guess I can understand it really - there's just so much to play with in there. You see, I've looked at other folks' sewing rooms and I see shelves, cupboards, racks, tables, storage, etc. galore. Mine is a mess I confess but I'm happy with it. Sometimes I do tidy it up at the end of a project but usually I can't wait to start another. It's the one room in the house that the vacuum cleaner only ventures into occasionally and oh my gosh the threads on the floor play havock with the rollers (another reason why I don't let the cats in as they would eat the threads and that could be bad news).

Occasionally they do have supervised access (or they just sneak in) but this usually only lasts around 5 minutes at the most before they get into some sort of trouble whether it be chasing a new paper pattern around the room and tear it to shreds, unravelling a cone of thread or jumping on the foot controller of my sewing machine and creating a new design on my latest quilt. Do I forgive them? Of course, every time. They even get rewarded with a little tidbit for being so cute. Where are they now? Sitting on the computer of course.

Enough about them, and more about today's crafter, Ben Mcfuzzylugs. Now, I know he would not be Bracken and Bert's favourite crafter being that he's a canine but I would really like one of these bookmarks and I just love that he calls them Splat - reminds me of the film Fish called Wanda when the concrete block falls out of the sky onto the toy dog and .... Splat!

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  1. I can see how hard they work ;)
    What little cuties!