Thursday, 4 February 2010

Best of Scottish Crafters - Highland Stoneware

Good morning. I'm really enjoying putting together this list of my favourite crafters. I'm already aware of some of them but it's making me go out actively and search for other talented people. In selecting this pottery I do ask myself at what point does a crafter become a retailer? I suspect it's when, as a retailer, you employ more than one crafter - what do you think?

I love puffins - in any form. I was fortunate to visit the Fair Isle (yes, home of the original intricate knitting pattern and they are very proud of it); a tiny island measuring approximately 3 miles x 1 mile with no trees at all. It's way north off the mainland of Scotland between the Shetland and Orkney islands. I was able to get within a few feet of the puffins and watching them is such fun. Well, I like the way this pottery has created their range of puffin pottery so I wanted to share it with you.

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