Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Craft Fair - 3 days to go

Yesterday I did manage to make some coasters and purchased some ribbon to tie them all together. These are 3.5" square, made with cotton fabric on the top, padded and backed with felt. They are time consuming to make because of the padding so I am experimenting with making them slightly bigger and using a thick interfacing.
I've also been experimenting with embroidering on satin so I can make some personalised ring bearer cushions. With the fabric being so slippery I thought it might prove difficult but I've worked out a technique that works and am happy with the result. I'll finish one today and post a picture tomorrow. I starched the fabric and used a medium tear-away stabiliser but didn't hoop them both together, instead just hooped the stabiliser and used a temporary adhesive to attach the satin to the stabiliser and then fixed it in place with a border of tacking stitches.
Another busy day ahead .....

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