Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Craft Fair - 4 days to go

I did pretty well yesterday and got most things cleared from my list. I did a practise run by setting up my stall. I'm using a large white tablecloth and adding a large square of black felt over the top. I managed to find some useful items that I had around the house that will act to give me some height to the stall but without taking up much room (space in my car is limited). There was a wicker hamper, a large wooden crate and a small wooden stand that I think will work. After all, I don't want to be spending too much on props until I've actually sold something!

I've decided that half of my stand will be used for a display of my cushions - that's what I enjoy most of all. The remaining half will be a combination of golf items, bags and coasters.

This was a really useful exercise as I discovered that I actually have more space than I thought to display my goods (although I don't want it to be too crammed).

One useful hint I picked up was to have items across a range of prices which is why today I'm going to be making some useful (but really cheap) coffee mats/coasters. I'd really have liked to make some from Cath Kidson fabrics but haven't got time today to get into the Edinburgh shop so will make them from my existing stash of fabrics. I want to make them in really bright, spring like colours that will really stand out on the black felt. So far, I've got a selection of 8 different choices but they look lost on the table so I'm aiming to get another 6 choices to add today. Well, that's my day planned out for me. Off for a coffee now!

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