Monday, 22 March 2010

Best of Scottish Crafters - Kelly McCormick

I've been away for a short break visiting family and friends and have returned refreshed and looking forward to the lighter evenings when the clocks go forward next weekend. Clocks are really my husband Clive's passion and he's just installed a new one in the hallway that gives out that very soothing tick-tock throughout the whole house (I can hear it now from my office upstairs). It's a clock we found in a small antique shop in the small village of Falkland and the story goes that it used to hang in a fish shop. I agreed to the purchase on the basis that it was fumigated before being hung. This leads me nicely to today's crafter, Kelly McCormick, an artist based in Perth.

This image really wakes up my senses and reminds me of past adventures but also points me towards finding new ones. So many beaches still to explore but waiting for tide and time ....

Kelly McCormick's work can be found here:

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