Sunday, 23 May 2010

Badger cull in Wales

I was researching for my blog and came across this wonderful artist, Dunc Smith, who used to be the head lampworker for Perthshire Paperweights in Crieff before setting up his own workshop in Perth.

His badger reminded me that on last night's Countryfile programme they announced that a decision has been made to go ahead with a £9million pilot cull in an attempt to eradicate bovine TB. It will take several years and will cover an area of 288 square kilometers.

There are, of course, two sides to the argument. I can understand both sides but you know it still makes me so sad.

As a child I can recall a great midnight adventure when my brother took me into "Badger Wood" to see these special nocturnal creatures in their own habitat. Surely we can allow these beautiful creatures a place in "our" world?


  1. Culling the badgers makes me sad too. It would seem more logical to focus on the health of the cattle and take better care of them so their immune systems would be stronger. Many wild animals have suffered because of cattle and sheep farming. Thanks for posting this and for caring.

  2. It's very sad indeed and unnecessary - there are vaccines available but ofcourse money comes into it, the government is not long sighted and won't pay and culling is the easy way out.
    Badgers are a protected species too.
    Thanks for this post :)