Sunday, 11 July 2010

Scottish Crafters - The Borders

It's always been a favourite area of mine but since we moved to the east coast of Scotland we can be in the borders within 15 minutes. My theory is that since the railways were removed from the Borders it's more difficult to access and so has become a bit of a hide-away. Perhaps that will change if the current plans to create a rail link go ahead.

Anyway, yesterday we got in the car with no fixed plans - just to enjoy the scenery, find a good pub for lunch, perhaps an antique shop or two and maybe even a craft studio if we were lucky. Well, we got lucky - The Crafters in Melrose is a co-operative housing many talented artists under one roof - take a look:


  1. Lovely collection of artists at The Crafters.

  2. Thanks for sharing your find Sally! There are so many nice walks (& pubs) in the Borders - it does make a lovely day out ;-)

  3. What a wonderful shop! I so wish I had something like that here in town where I live!